Cheryl Strawbridge

Cheryl Strawbridge

Mindfulness Sessions

After 18 years of working in multinational corporations and witnessing the impact that fast paced and stressful lifestyles had on many friends and family, Cheryl made the decision to change the direction her life was on. Her Bachelor’s degree in psychology, physiology and biochemistry is now combined with her accreditation as a Mindfulness Consultant and Life Coach.

Ovio Mindfulness Solutions was founded by Cheryl in 2013. Her mission is teaching people to dampen the noise in their minds and to live with balance and purpose; allowing them to recognize their true potential. Her mindfulness programs have been run at medical and healthcare facilities, businesses within both private and public sectors, coaching children right through to corporate executives.

Cheryl has inspired audiences in schools and conferences throughout New Zealand. She is impassioned and engaging and brings her audience into her vision that everyone is capable of having a rich and fulfilling life.

Cheryl has amazing energy and a zest for life, living it to the fullest, enjoying nature and spending time with family and friends.

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